biofilm MEDIA

Biofilm MEDIA is a video & digital design company born from extensive cross-disciplinary experience in life sciences & digital media. Our aim is to contribute to the success and growth of the life sciences community.

bio — [biology] the study of living organisms.

film — a thin skin or membrane; [movies] a perforated strip of transparent material intended for the recording and reproduction of sound and images.

MEDIA — the means of communication that reaches or influences people widely; [sing. medium] an intervening substance through which a force acts or an effect is produced; a nutrient medley designed to facilitate the growth of living cells.


Brian Calvert MSc

Principal | Producer

Brian Calvert holds a Master's degree (Microbiology & Immunology) from the University of Saskatchewan and has worked as a project manager for the UBC-based start-up Inimex, before joining the global healthcare Goliath, Roche. Brian has also produced more than 60 digital media projects for online, TV and multimedia applications. Biofilm MEDIA is the convergence of his unique cross-disciplinary experience. 


Design & Brand Leader

Laurel has twenty years experience in brand development and design, ten of them in the life sciences, healthcare, and medical technology arenas. She is a Certified Graphic Designer with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada and studied at SFU. She is the founder of the brand development and graphics company, Canister Creative, which has recently merged with Biofilm.

Jason Pope

Director of Photography

Jason Pope has been in film and television since graduating from the Cinematography for Film and Video program at Capilano University. Jason is an experienced Director of Photography and Senior Segment Producer for Novus TV. As a film consultant for Kaleidoscope, an organization that provides film production training to youth looking for a path to employment, he embraces the opportunity to share his experience. Jason and Brian have been collaborating for nearly ten years.

Brandon Deepwell

Director of Photography

Brandon holds an Advanced Diploma in Motion Picture Production from Capilano University and is currently the Creative Video Director at Broadway Church. He has been successful in the film festival world and has had several wins and nominations to his credit. Brandon has also created content for various non-profit organizations in Uganda and Haiti, as he enjoys using his skill set to tell stories that inspire change.

Mark A. Woodman

Graphic Designer

Mark A. Woodman is a 'Do-It-All' designer that began his career in Interior Design and Architectural Technology before shifting his attentions to Graphic and Web design. Woodman's journey in the arts began in the mid-1990s, with notable accomplishments that include back-to-back digital design awards from Applied Arts Magazine and his work on the Man Scout campaign, for which he earned four Big Rock 'Eddies'. Having collaborated for over a decade, Mark and Brian have an extensive portfolio of visual design and video pieces.



Biofilm MEDIA provided us with high-quality product showcase videos for our in vitro diagnostic platform. This group brings a unique perspective on product demonstrations and marketing to the life sciences field.
— Angela Carter, Manager, Worldwide Product Support, Response Biomedical